Wine of the Castle

Our wine is like a Castle in a glass

Our Castle wine, born in a unique place, preserves all the flavours of this place and is produced according to secular Ischian tradition. It is made from Biancolella grapes that mature in full sunlight in a small panoramic vineyard of the Aragonese Castle of Ischia, surrounded by ancient walls. A wine born in a turreted, terraced garden flanked by olives, myrtles, and aromatic plants; an intimate and welcoming orchard, relatively unchanged from when Vittoria Colonna would wander through it half a millennium ago, when she lived in the Castle.

However, the wine of the castle was also born from the resolution of the Mattera family – Gabriele, his wife Karin and their children Nicola and Anna Cristina: They are the ones who worked to give life back to an ancient vineyard that had been overrun by brambles. An endeavour that began 30 years ago in collaboration with one of the most renowned oenologists of Campania, Andrea D'Ambra, who planted here an indigenous vine typical of the Island of Ischia and its volcanic terrain: The Biancolella grape, intensely Mediterranean and fruity, with notes of citrus and delicate nuances of spice.

This vine is very ancient, and was brought to the Island of Ischia by Greek colonizers when they founded Pithecusa in the VIII century B.C. The vine was surely cultivated in proximity of the Aragonese Castle back in Medieval times, the age in which the islet became a small and densely inhabited town.

One could playfully say that our Castello wine is an epitome of the island. Having absorbed historical, environmental, and geological pieces of the territory within itself, this extraordinary wine tells the tale of the island better than a thousand words. Through the sense of taste and the smell, one discovers the profound identity of Ischia and its castle in every sip.

A sincere wine, not only in the oenological sense of the word, but sincere in how it speaks of us. It is inebriating to savour it in its birthplace, here by the Castle, overlooking a panorama that can't help but move you. It is also an ideal wine to take away with you, in order to relive a little piece of Ischia in your own home. Ideal gift for which you will be cherished.

  • Wine of the Castle

    Wine of the Castle

    Our wine is like a Castle in a glass

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