The Hotel

The most exclusive things are not always unattainable or cloaked in opulence

Indeed, often the value of a thing lies in its pure simplicity. For a holiday resort this is respect for the cultural context, concern for tradition, and celebrating the nature that surrounds us.  Il Monastero hotel is more than a resort.

It is the landing place and at the same time the starting point for travellers who seek the true heart of the places they choose to visit. And not only because the hotel is located in the Aragonese Castle. But because in every corner and at every moment you are breathing the atmosphere of an ancient convent, a place rich in history and an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The hotel offers bed and breakfast, but those who wish to stay on for dinner at the Castle can take a seat at the table with a view of the “Cucina del Monastero”, which opens up a not-to-be-missed panorama of Ischian cuisine, thanks to its partnership with “Umberto a mare 1937”, one of the island’s most highly regarded restaurants.

  • The Hotel

    The Hotel

    The most exclusive things are not always unattainable or cloaked in opulence

  • The site

    The site

    The building that houses the hotel was originally a convent, built at the end of the 16th century and dedicated to Santa Maria della Consolazione

  • The terrace

    The terrace

    A place for reading, chatting, enjoying a drink or just looking out at the world

  • The interiors

    The interiors

    The interiors of the hotel il Monastero pay homage to simplicity and the Mediterranean spirit

  • The indoor restaurant

    The indoor restaurant

    Overlooking the bridge that connects the Castle with the island of Ischia are the Restaurant dining rooms with their round arches and barrel vaults

  • The garden

    The garden

    At the Castle the ancient tradition of the garden between the towers has also been maintained over the centuries